Can i hook up surround sound speakers to my tv

Hi, i've got an lg dh4430p 330w 51ch home cinema system and a hisense h55n5300 55inch tv i wonder if you could tell me how to hook the two up please i've tried hdmi check the tv manual on how to use the audio output and the hts manual on how to set the surround sound mode you won't. The current setup is shown in the attached picture there are 2 problems actually: 1) when trying to switch the volume with the cox remote, nothing happens you are forced to use the original tv controller switching channels with the cox remote does work though 2) i get surround sound with the tv, but. . Don't listen to the sound through the tv speakers connect the audio out of your player into your amplifier the diagram shows the sound is sent from the audio output of the dvd player to the audio input of a stereo receiver this could be a digital or analog connection the picture is sent via an hdmi cable between the. Hi moved into a new flat and it has an old surround sound setup (panasonic sa-ht 335) and a new samsung tv the tv has component, hdmi and optical audio when i setup the component i get no sound, where as when connect the tv via and aux to audio l+r i get only stereo is there anyway i can get 51. You can use the same set of speakers for all your home entertainment products by connecting your speakers to the tv if you have an hd (high definition) tv it is recommended that you use an hdmi (high definition multimedia interface) cable to get superior audio and video from your blu-ray or dvd player connect your. Things like game consoles, dvd players, and cable boxes will use the tv's hdmi input as their audio output, so plug these items into the receiver to route their audio through your surround sound you'll need to attach the receiver to the appropriate hdmi inputs with additional.

This 21 (left and right speakers, plus a subwoofer) system can instantly convert into a 41 surround sound setup when required – just detach the wireless rear speaker modules and place them behind you for all-enveloping surround effects other: sonos 51 home theatre system £1,796, sonos sonos is. Connecting your hdtv television, whether its plasma or lcd, to your home theater or other sound system is easy with this diy video the step-by-step my tv has optic le out and headphone but my speakers are rca but i can convert the rca to heard phone but only for one speak and i'm running 51. The existence of speakers inside tvs is dangerous: yes, they do, technically, make sound but they're terrible, and the one and only inarguable, not-up-for- debate fact about home theater is that you need to buy a separate audio setup and we can help you do that a good sound system hooked up to the tv. Basic setup the most direct setup option is to connect your cable or satellite set- top box to your xbox one with an hdmi cable, and then connect your xbox one to your tv with another hdmi cable setup you can pass surround sound from your set-top box to your tv or a/v receiver directly from your xbox one console.

You're in for an awesome surround sound experience once you get it connected we'll walk you this feature allows audio to travel from the tv back to the receiver over the hdmi connection, so you can hear it through your speakers the speakers and the receiver should have speaker terminals labeled right and left. Some manufacturers have made efforts to improve sound for internal tv speakers, which can help when shopping, check for audio enhancement features, such as dts studio sound, virtual surround, and/or dialog enhancement and volume leveling also, lg incorporates a built-in soundbar into some.

It should have at the very least a 35mm or rca audio out that you'd be able to use to send a signal to your receiver solvedis there any way to hook up my entertainment system (dvd-surround sound) to my smart tv without arc or hdmi capability on solution solvedis there a way to hook up my old. My goal is to walk you through how to hook up a simple stereo system so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music, whether you listen to cds, mp3s, radio this will turn on the tv's audio output and turn off the tv's speakers because you don't want to hear the tv speakers and your stereo speakers at the same time.

Can i hook up surround sound speakers to my tv

This doesn't mean you have to invest in a full surround-sound av system (though that's always a good, if sometimes impactical, idea) if your favourite wireless speakers don't have an optical input, you can always take the 35mm headphone out from your tv and plug that into your speakers' auxiliary. Learn more about setting up your sonos home theater audio system, using your tv remote, and getting the best sound out of your setup setting up surround sound with the sonos playbar or playbase how to disable your television speakers.

  • There are two ways to connect a sound component to your tcl tv you can do it using (1) a composite av video cable, or (2) an hdmi® cable to learn how to properly connect your components to your tv, select your preferred connector below.
  • While these will do the job, you only want to use them if you don't have the digital connection option since digital provides better quality audio this may be your best option if your home theater supports it, because a single cable carries both video and surround sound audio one quick tip, if you're connecting older.
  • Hi there i have a hisense flat screen tv, a sony blu-ray player, and an older rca surround sound the sony has an hdmi and digital out, the hisense has all the hook-ups one could need, and the rca has the red and white audio inputs for tv and vcr, plus a digital audio in how do i hook all this up to get.

And if i am understanding this correctly, if your receiver does not have an optical in, you can not hook up your surround sound (optical out) to your receiver (optical in) solvedhow to connect samsung smart tv k5570 that have hdmi arc & optical output with a 51 speakers of only having aux port as a i forum. Recently i bought a toshiba 42hl833b flat screen tv i've turned the bass up to maximum but i'm still disappointed with the tinny sound of the speakers this tv has a surround sound setting and i've kept the surround speakers from my previous sanyo tv however, each speaker has a twin-wire cable that. So let's get started by listing things you need (some things will be obvious, such as the tv, but will be listed here anyway) take a the quick list is you need a tv, surround sound amplifer, speakers, wire, connection cables and a source such as: cable/satellite/uverse set top box, antenna, dvd player, blue ray player,.

Can i hook up surround sound speakers to my tv
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